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Win by Sharing Your Christmas Breakfast!

Update: The winners of this competition are Lorraine from Merthyr Tydfil and Colette from Thurnscoe! Thank you to all who entered – the standard was very high! We thoroughly enjoyed reading all about your Christmas memories and there are many recipes to be inspired by. We’ll be sharing the results soon! Here at Russell Hobbs, we’re [...]
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The Cup Final Of Toasters

The football cup finals are coming thick and fast which gives us another opportunity to put two of our Russell Hobbs products against each other. This time it is the turn of the humble toasters.
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Hot Cross Buns, Crumpets and More Toastable Easter Treats

Easter is one of our favorite times of year. Along with spring sunshine there’s chocolate, a bank holiday, chocolate and chocolate. What’s not to love? But there are plenty more Easter treats to be had. Cakes, buns and crumpets can all be warmed to perfection in the toaster for a quick but satisfying option.
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Easter Breakfast Ideas

The April holiday needn’t have a complete emphasis on chocolate. Traditionally a time to gather with your family and eat massive quantities of chocolate eggs, Easter is also a great holiday to experiment with some more savoury dishes. The amount of recipes at your disposal is especially vast in the morning, when the foods used [...]
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The Oxford v Cambridge Toaster Race

This weekend will see Oxford and Cambridge once again do battle on the Thames in the famous boat race. Inspired by this, we thought we’d have a couple of races of our own.
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How to Make Breakfast in Five Minutes

With busy working lives and hectic schedules, it’s estimated that around 40% of people choose to disregard breakfast before they head out for the day. It’s quite understandable why this is the case – using the time that making breakfast requires can often be invested in other things, whether it be ensuring that you get [...]
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Vegetarian Toppings on Toast for National Veggie Month

Throughout March, Animal Aid holds its vegetarian month, where veggies and meat eaters alike are encouraged to celebrate and promote vegetarianism. As one of the most varied and versatile meals around, toast is a perfect option for the occasion.
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Love Heart Toast and Other Valentine’s Ideas

Breakfast meals can quite easily be altered into a romantic Valentine’s idea. With the right utensils, reshaping your toast is a simple task, and there are also a number of toppings that you could do the same with.
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Amazing Toaster Artwork

You might remember that last month we stumbled across a lot of online love for toast. First there was the music video designed entirely of toast and then there was the inflatable toast mattress.
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Breakfast in Bed for Valentine’s Day

What does it take to let that extraordinary person know they’re loved on a special day? Microwave humming. Coffee machine gurgling. Toaster and kettle popping and steaming. And they said romance is dead.
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