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Steam Cooking for 2013

TV and magazines are often accused of barraging us with a plethora of healthy eating mantras and resolutions. With so many different choices, it can be difficult to find meal advice and recipes which are healthy but also convenient and can easily be incorporated into everyday life. Here at Russell Hobbs we’re no stranger to [...]
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Warming Winter Soups from Scratch

Nowadays, with handy kitchen gadgets such as the Russell Hobbs food processors making winter warming soups is even easier. The colder months provide plenty of motivation for learning how to create cosy, flavourful soups.  With only a small selection of food items in your cupboard, along with some basic herbs and spices, you can be [...]
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Smooth Operator

Autumnal Apple Smoothie As we move into the autumn, our fruit options change. Replacing vibrant and fresh strawberries are less exotic fruits like apples. However, the apple is a great ingredient for a rich and tasty smoothie.
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